Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008

Comments on an interesting Wired Article

Chris Anderson has written an interesting article. While the title is rather placative ("The End of Thery") there are some thoughts worth beeing mentioned.

First "All models are wrong, and increasingly you can succeed without them". True, so true: models are just that: models. Also nothing against succeeding without them: data mining can be made without models.

But: is the Peta-Age really the end of theories? Interestingly, the article mentioned Craig Venters huge task to "sequence the air". This creates vast amounts data, and makes it almost ridiculously simple to find new species, or make correlations between species. To analyse this, to explain and understand it, there needs to be a model. Or doesn't it?

There is absolute nothing against the idea to look for unexpected correlations in huge datasets. But to make it really scientific, results or rather conclusions out of those results need to be falsificable. This falsification cannot be done in the dataset beeing used, but in a larger context. In a model, extrapolated from the dataset.

All mho...

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

ocmgroovy: Design Considerations

I have put some design consideration thoughts on the ocmgroovy site.
Feel free to comment on it, feedback is appreciated :).

Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2008

JCR Builder and JCR Query code now hosted on googlecode

The source code mentioned on this blog and on the Day dev-site is now hosted by the octopus. The project ist named "ocmgroovy" and you may expect more from that department in the near future.

Freitag, 6. Juni 2008

Groovy in Tapestry

Good news on the Tapestry front: Using groovy seems to be trivial in T5, according to H.L. Ship. Also the hint regarding Groovy becoming a first choice for Tapestry development is good to hear, and makes perfect sense!

This opens up a loads of options: Tapestry Builders (Tapestry is all about components ...), Usage of GORM as ORM layer, and all the goodness of the Groovy language at your fingertips. And a rock solid foundation like T5 to build applications upon. Wow.

No excuse to not try it out now, aaah so much to do, so little time ....