Samstag, 12. April 2008

Dont puck with me, Vista!

This is a rant. Nothing hightech in it, except Vista.

Lately, while writing an email, my MS Vista did a spontaneous reboot. With no apparent reason. Well, fact is, that this doesn't happen often. First I mainly game on MS Vista and do the real work on Ubuntu and second Vista is stable on my system.

Now, perhaps I haven't read a message or just clicked away a message box, might be. After reboot it was clear that some patches had to be applied. Ok, why reboot and stuff, yeah, whatever, it's Windows. But the fact that a system has got the balls to disrupt my work in such a manner is sign of a huge arrogance and a non-willingness to listen to and care for endusers. It is my computer and you don't do reboots without an explicit ok from me, dammit!

It is kind of saddening, because Vista is imho not as bad as it is being made. And securitywise it seems to play in a complete other league than the previous OS's from Redmond. But somehow Microsoft really manages to not be liked by me, although I really try hard :).

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