Mittwoch, 17. September 2008

Ditching Flex ... for now

Well, killing another fairie: I am dissing Flex for my pet project. There are several reasons:
  1. not too good Flex-Support in IDEA
  2. roundtrips are slow (create compile load)
  3. open source built on closed source doesn't work
  4. mxml: simply don't like those
  5. actionscript will not be the next ecmascript
  6. verbosity: too much to write while using MVC frameworks. Convention over Configuration is not there yet (?)
  7. HTTP support is kind of crippled
There are very good reasons to love Flex:
  1. the looks: I am no expert, but I got the feeling Flex just looks great out of the box
  2. components: component based UIs are great.
  3. event models
  4. ubiquity
I am sure that some of the points are due to the fact that I am a novice. I might come back to it, but now it is time to move on...

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