Samstag, 28. Februar 2009

Checking the Radar

Well, about time this blog gets some content added.

Quick check on my radar: what technologies am I watching, where they are heading, what else I would like to have a look at etc.

Wasn't able to play around with it. Currently V5.0, looks very very good, but I will take it off the radar, since I do not see an opportunity to test it out.

About same as Tapestry. I personally would choose one of those two as Web Framework.

This has become my home language. Just makes sense. Just good. Use it. Will be on Main Road by 2011 (and might get boring then :))

Sling (and Jackrabbit):
Still much work going on there. Sling (and Jackrabbit) are not only superb technologies, but more than that, have become inspiration for modeling content and thinking about data and their respective handling.

Everyone and their mum does that AJAX-Flex-JavaFX-RIA-thingie. Everyone? No, there are some stubborn, backward-oriented guys (did not spot any ladies up to now), which, basically, say, screw it: we are doing SWING! Yeah baby. Do it right by using Groovy, be inspired by Grails, and well, use some major brain power. This one is hot, mark my words...

What are possible new candidates for the Radar?
Well, there is Clojure, but I do not yet have any use case for it at the moment. I will first read the book. Suggestions welcome...

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