Montag, 7. Juli 2008

Complex Swing Widgets, where art thou?

I am currently looking at creating something with a good ol' Swing interface.

A typical use case is the following scenario: a drag-and-droppable, sortable, pageable treetable with editable fields. Datatype aware editors, subtrees, master-detail views would be considered as added value. Such a treetable always

I did find the respective contributions of ext-js and jquery quite usable, albeit both need some customizing and/or (more or less) programming.

Coming back to Swing after several years, I naively expected to have a plethora of tree table implementations. Well, at the moment the only thing I have found is the SwingX Treetable. I will have a look at it in near future.

The question I ask myself is wether the HTML/js way is the way to go also for complex GUIs? I would still think that this platform has its limitations. But when I do see how sparse complex Swing widgets are, I really am unsure to use the right technology. Also things like autocompletion and other Web2.0 goodies should be easily available.

What is your opinion? Are there other Swing (or SWT, whatever) widgets collections with advanced components available? Does the Flex ecosystem provide more components?

update 9th Jul
Well, I guess I was right with not finding a Swing TreeTable: others have been waiting for it, too...


Michael Marth hat gesagt…

depends on you environment, but if .swf is acceptable you will have a more pleasant coding experience with flex than anything js (imho, of course).

heres a decent flex component list:

Chrigel hat gesagt…

Thx for the component list. But nothing earthshattering regarding teh fatz treetable widget.

Hmm, I guess I nevertheless will have to put Flex on my radar. So little time...