Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008

Grails, Flex, Soap

Today I have written a small PoC for Grails, Flex, SOAP. The initial task was (and still is) to find out which communication takes place in a Flex application.

Having no clue about Flex, a little understandig of Web Services and some minor understanding of Grails, it took me no more than 3 hours, including googling for web service usage in Flex and hunting of really stupid beginners bug.

This shows the real muscles of Grails and its really awesome plugin ecosystem.

grails create-app HelloFlex
cd HelloFlex
grails install-plugin flex
grails install-plugin xfire
grails create-service hello

Ok, everything needed is installed. 2 more things to do. in HelloFlex\services\HelloService.groovy:

class HelloService {
static expose=['xfire', 'flex-remoting']
def hello(String echo) { return echo.reverse() }

Note the use of expose: this service is both available via flex-remoting and via SOAP.

Second: create HelloFlex\web-app\test.mxml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="">
<mx:operation name="hello" resultFormat="object"
import mx.controls.Alert;
[Bindable] private var passage:String;
private var options:Object = {"output-format": "plain-text"};
private function showResult(e:ResultEvent):void {
passage = userRequest.hello.lastResult;
private function send_data(input:String):void {

<mx:Text text="Echo Service" fontSize="16" fontWeight="bold"/>
<mx:Text text="Input" fontSize="12"/>
<mx:TextInput id="lookupPsg" textAlign="center"/>
<mx:Button label="Submit" click="send_data(lookupPsg.text)"/>
<mx:TextArea height="352" width="590" id="psg" text="{passage}" editable="false" fontSize="11"/>

(sorry for the mess, dunno how to format this better )

Hitting http://localhost:8080/HelloFlex/test.mxml displays the Flex application which uses SOAP protocol to consume the webservice.

Built on the shoulder of giants...

Update 12th Jul: Marcel Overdijk has already written a similar (well, actually better:)) example back in january.

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