Dienstag, 5. August 2008

A first view at Sling

Sling is, well Yet Another Java Web Framework. But it adds some unique aspects, which might turn out to be a game changer:
  • it focuses on resources
  • it uses JCR as backend API (see jackrabbit as implementation)
  • it adds a thin layer of REST over JCR
  • it adds a dash of custom behavior by allowing dynamic languages (javascript, jruby, amongst others) to manipulate the REST request processing flow
  • it uses OSGI and its plugin-mechanism for more heavyweight and/or integration stuff
Besides being rather hype compliant (JCR, jruby, osgi, REST, thank you), the most interesting feature is that it's inspiring: it makes me think, and this in a constructive way. It kind of makes REST more approachable as an architectural style rather than a framework.

In a sense, it is like learning a new programming language: it opens your horizons, and questions some established thought routines.

Go ahead and check it out, it might trickle in...

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